What is 1-800-Remodel?
1-800-Remodel is a free service that connects homeowners looking to remodel their homes with up to three pre-qualified contractors. These contractors then bid on their project.

How does using 1-800-Remodel differ from simply opening up the Yellow Pages and calling the first three contractors listed?
If you open the Yellow Pages, you may find hundreds of contractors. Some of them are great; some are not so great. Most are average. 1-800-Remodel relieves you of a large chunk of the burden of choosing contractors. All for free!
Our contractors are pre-screened and pre-qualified. This means each contractor has a proven track record with past jobs, and comes recommended by homeowners just like you. The result? You do not have to do as much research and guesswork when hiring a contractor.
To sum up: 1-880-Remodel
saves you time
saves you headaches
is completely free

What’s the catch? Is it really 100% free?
Yes! It is completely free. 1-800-Remodel will never charge for this service.

How can you provide this service for free?
Contractors are always looking for new clients, and there are only a few ways to find them: They could advertise and hope people call them; they could rely on getting new clients by word of mouth; or they could use our service, where we match them with homeowners. The contractor pays a nominal fee for the opportunity to bid on your project.
Because all of our contractors are pre-screened and pre-qualified, homeowners can feel confident calling 1-800-Remodel to get matched with the perfect contractors for their needs.

How soon after I give my information will I get my quotes?
The three contractors who will bid on your job are sent your information immediately. It is then up to them how quickly they will contact you. Most contractors follow up with a phone call in a matter of hours. Some might call even sooner.

What if I want you to set up appointments to get the quotes for me — is that possible?
In select areas, we can set up appointments for you. Our operators will let you know if that option is available in your area.
Please check back often, as we are always expanding our appointment service area.

What information of mine do you send to the contractor?
We provide the contractor your name, phone number, zip code, and the description of your job.

I am not very comfortable giving away personal information online. Do you ever sell or lease that information to third parties?
No — your privacy is important to us. The only people we give of your information to are the pre-qualified contractors who are bidding on your job.

Is there a difference between calling 1-800-Remodel and going to 1800Remodel.com?
No. You get the same exact service whether you call us or go online. The choice is entirely up to you.
So if you’re a “phone person,” feel free to call us at 1-800-REMODEL; if you’re a “computer person,” use our online service at 1800Remodel.com today!

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